Interventions Program

Interventions Program interventions are the actions done intentionally to have a direct effect on program participants or recipients. The interventions used in health programs must be tailored to the intended audience if the program is to be successful in achieving the desired health effects. The choice of interventions and manner of intervention delivery ought to be based on both the sociocultural diversity of the target audience and the biological diversity within the target audience. Three approaches are evident in how culture is addressed during the development of program interventions. In addition, the diversity of the health professionals and health sectors plays a role in the effectiveness of program interventions.

Influences of Sociocultural Diversity on Interventions Fisher, Burnet, Huang, Chin, and Cagney conducted a literature review of interventions focused on culture as means of improving health. They argue that cultural leverage is a strategy used to improve the “health of racial and ethnic communities by using their cultural practices,

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 Interventions Program
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products, philosophies, or environments as vehicles that facilitate behavior change” of individuals and healthcare providers. Cultural leverage, therefore, encompasses culturally tailoring interventions to specific ethnic or cultural groups as well as culturally targeting specific ethnic or cultural group