International Relations Essay

Focus: Use a primary source document to analyze one of the following three topics. (this isn’t to say you won’t use other sources to support your work, but the assignment is to focus on using one primary source document. )

You pick a primary source (if you don’t know the difference between a primary and secondary source look it up, ask if you have any questions. You will extrapolate using that document to answer one of the following questions. The task is about analyzing the document, and while answering the question is important to succeed you will focus on framing that answer with the document you choose. Examples might be a key speech, a treaty, a memo, a law, an agreement etc.

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International Relations Essay
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1. An outbreak of protests have led to serious questions about Hong Kong’s political future, address the cause and/or possible outcomes of this movement.

2. Please examine “one” of the following countries present day situation. DR Congo has faced protracted civil conflict and intense voilence; Venezuela’s political system has become increasingly unstable leading to tremendous inflation; Lebanon faces political instability and a displacement/refugee crisis. Analyze the causes, history, imperial roots, politics and/or economics that might explain the current crisis.

3. Years after the Arab Spring, civil war rages on in Syria and Yemen. Examine the historical roots of these conflicts, and explain why these areas remain in such dire situations while other countries that participated in the Arab spring may have had less destructive and persistently violent outcomes.

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