International financial management

International financial management
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500 words for the individual conclusion.
1- Very good – all requirements very competently met- Appropriate conclusions and recommendations made, taking into account position of the business. No new information introduced, but attempts made to consider global issues and tailor recommendations accordingly. Links demonstrated to research in questions and summary.

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International financial management
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2- Generally a good piece of work, most requirements met well, with some omissions or areas for further development-Appropriate conclusions and recommendations made, taking into account position of the business. Links demonstrated to research in questions and summary.

3- Some good conclusions and recommendations made, but limited consideration of the broader implications of the business position.

3- Some strong areas, but significant omissions or underdeveloped points- Limited understanding or the requirement displayed, some conclusions drawn, but relevance to business not really clear.

4- Some attempt to address the requirements, but major weaknesses, inaccuracies or omissions- Conclusions and recommendations not really present or plausible, or difficult to follow; new material introduced; no links to summary of questions.

5- – little attempt to address the requirements- Too short, and descriptive with little or no attempt at linking research to conclusions or recommendations

Please check the file that i will upload ,its same that i have in my last order


All work should be word processed in 12 point font Arial and double spaced.

Please use the following file format: Word.

Please ensure that you provide the following details on the first page of your coursework:
• Student Number
• Module Name and Number
• Word Count
Please also ensure that your student number is shown clearly on your individual contribution.
Word Limit Not exceed 500
ord count includes everything in the main body of the text (including headings, tables, citations, quotes, lists, etc.).
• The references, bibliography and footnotes (provided footnotes only include references) are NOT included in the word count.
• There is no direct penalty for exceeding the word count but the marker WILL stop reading once the word limit has been reached and nothing further will be taken into account in the allocation of marks.


Please ensure you adhere to the principles of good academic practice and ensure you use the UWE Harvard system to reference your work. Failure to properly reference your work to original source material can be grounds for the assessment offence of plagiarism and may result in failure of the assessment or have more serious implications.