Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Healthcare has become more complex owing to expanding co-morbidities, aging population, and increase in available options for health interventions. Management of complex and chronic diseases like diabetes and renal failure constitutes a prime burden of health care globally. Therefore, the care management of these conditions requires multidisciplinary approach. In Luigi’s care management, the nurse will lead interdisciplinary team consisting of diabetes education, nephrologist, dietician, pharmacist, endocrinologist, psychologist, social worker, and rehabilitation professional.

The nurse will collaborate with the nephrologist to regularly assess and screen Luigi for complications and design care plan to reduce such complications (Johns, et al., 2015). Because diabetes is an endocrine condition, the collaboration of the nurse and the endocrinologist is vital to assess the functioning of endocrine system. The role of the endocrinologist is to assess the functioning and integrity of endocrine organs, liver and kidney (Johns, et al., 2015).

Complex conditions like renal failure and diabetes can increase the risk of depression. This is where the psychologist comes in to offer counseling on how to deal with emotional and psychological turmoil associated with this Luigi’s condition. Furthermore, nutrition will play an essential part in stabilizing Luigi’s blood sugar. The dietician is needed to advise Luigi on appropriate diet to manage his condition.

The pharmacist is required to advice Luigi on dosage and adherence, and education the patient on the side effects and other adverse events of drugs (Johns, et al., 2015). The social worker will assist Luigi to……

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