Interacting with Participants

Even when you are the designated chair of a meeting, you should attempt to interact with others in a

positive and professional manner. This will help to prevent a barrier being created where participants

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Interacting with Participants
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do not feel fully comfortable with contributing their thoughts.

Positive and professional interactions may include:

➢ Greeting everyone upon the start of a conversation

➢ Using the name of attendees when known

➢ Acting fairly by treating all participants with the

same level of respect

➢ Complementing employees on their work and

contributions when appropriate

➢ Providing constructive criticism when needed

rather than becoming insulting or angered

➢ Being honest with employees

➢ Note taking can demonstrate professionalism as it shows you are taking the points

being made seriously and you are more likely to respond to any issues being raised

➢ Speaking with language that is appropriate to the recipient, for example refraining from

using specialist terminology that may not be understood

➢ Using eye-contact appropriately.