Integumentary System

Lab Report #1


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Integumentary System
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1) Which of the following was not a factor in the diffusion experiment on Mastering A & P?

  1. Size of pore in the membrane b. Concentration of the solute
  2. Electrical charge of the solute d. Size of the solute


2) Which integument layer has the greatest capacity to retain fluid?


3) Which type of skin cancer is the most aggressive and why?______________________________




4) Which gland is responsible for maintaining the moistness of hair?


5) If a vaccine contained a considerable amount of fluid which layer would be the ideal layer to inject into and why? ______________________________________________________________________


6) What is the typical thickness of the epidermis________and dermis _______.


7) What color can the skin appear with venous insufficiency? ____________________________________


8) List four integumentary changes with an older patient:_________________,

______________, ____________________, _____________________


9) List two causes of skin turgor: _____________, ___________________________


10) List two advantages of an intradermal injection ___________________________,



11) What is the driving force of filtration? ______________________________________

12) What is the driving force of diffusion? __________________