The maximum word count is 2,000 subject to the usual ±10% limit. See the module guide for further
information. After receiving feedback on your proposal you should be in a good position to complete
your introduction, literature review and methodology chapters.
The full proposal should include the following:
 Title
 Introduction: comprising of a background, problem statement, aim, objectives and research
 Literature review
 Methodology, including intended analysis and schedule of events
 References
 Appendices (including a completed ethics request form)
See module guide for more information.
Draft chapter 1 (Option 2 only)
Placement Project students are not expected to produce a proposal but you are required to submit
your draft Chapter 1 (Introduction) and completed ethics request form to
midday on Friday 22nd November. Your supervisor will then provide you with written feedback.
Ethics request

See module guide for more information.
Final report
The maximum word count is 8,000 words (±10%). The word limit is for your coursework
assignment, and does not cover material submitted as an appendix. Material submitted as an
appendix provides background for your coursework, but it will not be marked unless specified in
the brief. Also, it is important that you cross-refer between the main text of your assignment and
any appendices, in order to demonstrate the linkage, and that the appendices do not constitute
additional material unrelated to that included in the body of your assignment. If you do not refer to
this work in the Appendix, then this included work in the Appendices are not marked.
Your references page will not be included in the word count, but inline citations used in the main
body of the assignment (e.g. Smith and Jones (2010) identified that…) will be included in the word
You are required to declare the number of words used in your assignment. If you produce less
than or exceed the stipulated word count by more than 10%, a deduction of the mark awarded will
be made to reflect that you have not met the assessment requirements.