Insurance Accounting Questions

Assignment Question(s):       

Q1. Read the following features related with types of reinsurances and identify the correct type of reinsurance:

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Insurance Accounting Questions
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  1. This type of reinsurance is also termed as stop loss reinsurance.
  2. In this type agreement, the policyholder is unaware about any indemnity reinsurance transactions pertaining to original contract.
  3. This type of reinsurance is related with either retaining all claims up to a particular and stated amount by the insurer or retaining each risk.
  4. In this type of insurance, the policyholder is required to provide the necessary consent to releasing the ceding company.




Q2. Structures of insurance companies’ financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statements) vary than structures the non- insurance organization due to the unique features of the insurance companies.  Give a sample of the structures for any selected Saudi insurance company’ financial statements and explain the rational for classifying balance sheet accounts. Write no less than 300 words

Q3. Explain how three of the following elements can affect estimate of loss reserve.

  • The claims-handling process
  • Policy and exposure forms
  • Inflation
  • Legal trends
  • Environmental factors
  • Mix of claimants
  • Timeliness of claim reporting by claimants


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