Instructions/PowerPoint Feedback from Professor (Greggs UK)

It is good to see an introduction slide it gives the reader insight into what the presentation will be covering.

Slides 3 to 5 offer a good and relevant insight into the organisation’s history, performance and to some extent the scale and scope of their operations. Within the slide content and the supporting notes, you make a good effort towards offering a practical narrative.

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Instructions/PowerPoint Feedback from Professor (Greggs UK)
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In slide 6 it is good to see the attempt towards applying the academic concept, this needs some development and further depth of specific application, but it is a good starting point. The improvement would come through a more detailed academic narrative, as it stands it is a little too general and basic in content, offer some analysis that relates specifically to the strategic thinking, consider how what you are outlining informs the strategic thinking and strategic development, bring in more academic application and understanding rather than just general comments. Slides 7 and 8 do this with a little more evident success, however the inclusion of referenced material would help to improve the content and application. Slide 8 would benefit from supporting notes, slide 9 is better in this respect, although I am not convinced by the relationship you make to ploy, this needs to be addressed for application, clarification and justification, how is ploy relevant?

Slide 10 outlines the illustration around schools of strategy but the explanation and application are lacking in depth and clarity. Slide 11 offers some relevant observations but how are they relevant? Especially in terms of strategic thinking and eventually towards informing and formulating strategy. The same can be said of slide 12.

In slide 13, recommendations, you provide a practical view; this could be improved if you make the connection to the underpinning academic concepts. It is good to see the inclusion of a reference slide, try to offer a wider and deeper academic reading base. This is a good starting point with some good and relevant content, try to develop this further in line with the feedback in order to make improvements. You also need to make the connection between the practical content and the academic concepts far more evident.