Inorganic Chemistry

Using hard-soft concepts, which of the following reactions are predicted to have an equilibrium constant greater than 1 (reaction favors products)? Identify the two acids and the two bases in the reactants of each equation, (drawing structures may help!) and explain which would be the harder or softer acid or base, and why the reaction would favor reactants or products.


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Inorganic Chemistry
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(a) NaI(s)+ AgF(s)NaF(s)+ AgI(s)

(b) [Ni(CN)4]2–+[Ag(OH)2]–Ni(OH)2+ [Ag(CN)2]–+ 2CN–

(c)MgCO3+ FeS2MgS2+ FeCO3(In this equation, “S2”represents the disulfide ion, S22–)

(d)Al2S3+ 3OH–Al2O3+ 3SH–


2. In the following equations, there is only one base and two acids, or one acid and two bases, in the reactants. Predict the direction of equilibrium and explain your answer. Drawing structures may help!

(a) (Ph)3PAuCl+ CH3CNP(Ph)3+ CH3CNAuCl

(b) SO2+ (C6H5)3PHOC(CH3)3 (C6H5)3PSO2+ HOC(CH3)3

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