Innovation in Global Agriculture

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Each student will research and write two essays of 8-10 pages in length double-spaced (not counting endnotes, references and graphics) on a topic relevant to Global Megatrends, Geopolitics, & Political Economy.

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Innovation in Global Agriculture
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The essay should be at 6-8 pages in length double-spaced (not counting endnotes, references and graphics)• All papers must be in Times Roman 12, one-sided and pages numbered.• In terms of format, you must consult the APA Style Manual or the Chicago Manual ofStyle in preparing your group project paper.• A list of references and in-text citations and/or footnotes should be incorporated.• To assist you in doing an excellent job in your research, two FIU Library websites will prove invaluable to you are: A-Z List (this is the link for all of the business databases FIU has available) and Library Guide (this includes the tabs for different types of information needs, including company information).

********************Outline To Follow For Essay

I. Introduction to the Topic

II. Analysis

III. Findings

IV. Conclusion

V. References********************

Topics To Choose From:

1. Innovation in Global Agriculture: Which Countries Achieve a Competitive Advantage and why?

2. Export Controls: What Are They? How Do They Work and How Effective?

3. Global Venture Capital: How Are Emerging Markets Faring? (What are the Bright Spots?)

4. How Do Unfriendly Nations Cooperate Nonetheless to Combat Drugs and TransnationalCrime?

5. China’s Theft of Intellectual Property: What Can Be Done to combat it?

6. Chile vs. Argentina: Which Wine Cluster is Most Innovative?

7. Generation Z: Which Consumer Goods and Services Most Appeal to Them and Which Companies are succeeding in Selling to Them?

8. How Do Low-Cost Airline Carriers Disrupt the Market and How to the Major CarriersFight Back?

9. Globalization and Central Europe: Where are the Success Stories (countries or firms) and What are the Keys to Their Winning Performance)?

10. Human Capital in Large Firms: Do Women Make Better Leaders than Men?

11. Innovations in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: What’s New and How does it Increase Performance?

12. Free Trade and Job Displacement: What Can Be Done to Assist Companies and employees Negatively Impacted?

13. Which Countries are Most Effective in Attacking Corruption and what is Their Formula?

14. The Competition in the Global Cosmetics Industry: Winning Strategies of Firms

15. Can Alternative Energy Compete Effectively Against Fossil Fuels?

16. Should Facebook, Google, and Amazon be Broken Up?

17. How are Developing Countries Battling Climate Change Effects: Best Case Example(s)

18. How will the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) Impact the Region andWhich Country is Best Positioned to Benefit and Why?

19. How Does the Migration of Talent Help (and Hurt) a Country’s Competitiveness?

20. What is the Impact(s) of Transnational Crime on Multinational Corporations?

21. Franchises from Emerging Markets: What are the Keys to Their Success?

22. The Global Competition for Artificial Intelligence: Who’s Ahead, Who’s Behind?

23. International Efforts to Protect Consumer and Corporate Privacy: Where Are We?

24. Are Nations Winning the War Against Money Laundering? 25. Competition in Global Financial Services: What is winning the Market for Lower IncomeCustomers?

25. Competition in Global Financial Services: What is winning the Market for Lower IncomeCustomers?