Informative Speech Outline

This speech is meant to be either an expository speech (events, theory, creative) or a speech of process (how to do it, how to make it, how it works) and will utilize definitions, narrations, demonstrations, etc. to facilitate an audience’s understanding of a topic.  The speech should be extemporaneous in nature and should not be fully scripted.  An organizational pattern must be clearly identifiable (i.e. topical, time-order, etc.) as well as transitions to guide the flow of the presentation.  Remembering the rhetorical situation, it is important to choose a topic you feel comfortable presenting and is appropriate for the audience that you will present to.    For specific values of the presentation, a rubric is provided for review within Canvas (and below). Length: 5-7 minutes. Deduction of 5 points for every 30 seconds under/over the required time

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Informative Speech Outline
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