Information technology: Security techniques

Learning Goal: I’m working on a cyber security writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

open book exam

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Information technology: Security techniques
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SEC 430 Open-Book Test Guidance
10% Weight of the Overall Grade
Number and type of questions:
30 MCQ = 60 points
5 Multiple Answer = 15 points
5 Short Answer = 25 points
Section 001: 15th of September 9.30am
Section 002: 16th of September 1.30pm
Section 003: 15th of September 11.00am
Section 901: 16th of September 3.00pm
70 minutes
Material to study/understand:
1. Online Practice Tests (29/30 August and 12/13 September) and Follow up Discussions
2. Ransomware Generations Exercise – refer to Section 2 “Ransomware Evolution” in the
paper “The Evolving Threat of Ransomware – From Extortion to Blackmail”, available
on Blackboard under Instructors’ Teaching Material, Chapter 1 “Information Security
Management” Folder
3. All slides covered in class between 22/23 August – 12/13 September (pay particular
attention to discussion points/questions highlighted in red)
4. Chapter 1 in textbook
5. Class exercises from 8/9 September (classification of controls; identification of threats,
access control)

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