Information Systems (IS)

1. Are big data, analytics, and data science, as being described in the popular outlets, old wine in new bot- tles or is it something new?

2. What are the strengths that the information systems (IS) community brings to the discourse on business analytics? In other words, what is our com- petitive advantage?

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Information Systems (IS)
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3. What are important and interesting research questions and domains that may “fit” with on-going research in our community? How might we push the envelope by extending or modifying our existing research agendas? What about new areas of inquiry?

4. To what extent should robust prediction prowess be used as a criterion in evaluating data-driven mod- els versus current criteria that favor “explanatory” models without subjecting them to rigorous tests of future predictability?

5. As editors and reviewers, how should we evalu- ate research in this domain? What constitutes a “sig- nificant” contribution?