Influential Leadership

  • review, ‘What Is Collaboration’ on pages 83 to 155 in Influential Leadership. This textbook reading will cover Chapter 4, ‘Collaboration: The Duty of the Influential Leader’, Chapter 5, ‘Trust: The Heart of Collaboration’, and Chapter 6, ‘Accountability: The Soul of Collaboration’.
  • Do a self-examination of yourself through the rating of your openness to trust, by completing the exercise on page 132 of Chapter 5.



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  • From these chapters, you find that trust and accountability are necessary to create a culture that stimulates high performance and guides quality. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following questions:
    1. After completing the self-examination, explain your level of openness to trust and how trust has been cultivated or if there is a lack of trust, explain why.
    2. How have you earned the trust of others?
    3. What role has trust and accountability in leadership played in achieving quality in your organization or one that you are familiar with?

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