Influencing Skills for Project Managers

Product scope description

The end product to be delivered to the sponsor is a book titled “Influential skills for project managers.” The book will contain 9 chapters each containing a different skill that would be influential for a project manager to have. Each chapter will be written in the style of a literature review, summarizing a range of different literatures on each topic, therefore, informing the reader on influential skills in detail with the goal that the reader will find the book useful. The book will be approximately 135-180 pages given that each chapter will be 15-20 pages based on the content that the project team will be writing about. The book will also only allow for digital viewing only because it will be submitted to the sponsor in a digital format.

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Influencing Skills for Project Managers
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  • Each chapter is relevant and useful information to the reader
  • The contents of each chapter are clear and straightforward for readers to understand

Project assumptions

  • We must assume that the book project will yield 7 to 8 chapters of material related to “Influencing Skills for Project Managers”

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