Industry Sector Analysis

Group Assignment – Industry Sector Analysis
Requirements: Groups of FOUR students.
This group assignment should draw upon your knowledge of strategic management,
operations and supply chain management and methods of analysis of industry sectors and
supply chains. It can be based upon any industry sector (or a sub-sector) but please discuss
this with your tutor before making a final decision.
This assignment will be largely based on your in-depth review of the literature (academic
journal articles, industry reports, government reports and consulting firm reports) but we
encourage you to obtain first-hand evidence from individuals (key stakeholders namely
managers, policymakers and consultants).
Make use of the material from this semester that is uploaded onto Moodle including my
recorded conversations with a number of industry experts. In addition, you should also draw
upon your own experiences and those of others. In this respect, a discussion with an industry
expert can be helpful in develop an in-depth understanding of the status of the industry sector
and how it may develop in the future.
You are required to conduct a detailed high-level analysis of the industry sector (not a
specific single product as you did for the first individual assignment) using the following
points as a guide.
1. Describe the make-up of the selected industry sector/sub-sector. Who are the major
players involved (manufacturing companies and their suppliers, distribution and
warehousing companies, retailers, industry associations, regulatory bodies, standards
setting bodies, universities etc.)? How do they compete/support with each other?
What are the dynamics of the industry? For this analysis, you could make use of the
SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, PEST analysis or PESTEL analysis.
You can also think about using Stakeholder Theory. (See below for a summary of
these concepts).
2. For the main product (or a family of products) produced, how has this changed over
the past one to two decades? If a major shift has taken place in the design of the
product, how has this impacted on the operations of the major members of the supply
chain? Consider product innovation, process innovation and administrative
(procedures) innovation that has taken place. If demand of the product has changed
substantially, how has this impacted on the supply chains?
3. What is happening in this industry sector with respect to green operations/supply
chains, sustainability (triple bottom line), reverse logistics and closed supply chains
(Circular Economy)?
4. What support is being provided by governments to individual organisations and the
industry sector as a whole? What industry development programs are on offer and
what impact are these having on supply chains specifically?
5. For your selected industry sector, what industry associations exist and what is their
main focus, especially relating to supply chain development?
6. For your selected industry sector, what linkages exist between businesses/industry,
governments, associations and universities, especially relating to supply chains?
Your submission can be in the form of an essay, properly structured (using the above 6 points
as sections for example) and adequately supported by the literature. It is worth a total of 20%
of the total marks for this unit.
WORD LIMIT: 3,000 words including everything (executive summary, contents page, list
of references, appendices)
DUE DATE: Week 10 – 4
th October 2021 by 6.00pm. Please submit a Word document on
the Moodle site

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