Industry Research: Hershey’s

Industry Research: Hershey’s
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You work as Associate Consultants for a large consultancy firm, specialising in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector (FMCG), and in particular focusing on the Chocolate and Confectionery Industry. A number of important clients seeking to develop any investment opportunities in the Chocolate and Confectionery Industry have approached your firm for advice. There is speculation that consolidation in this sector is changing the industry structure and dynamics, especially in the global Chocolate Confectionery Industry, e.g. Ferrero’s recent acquisition of Thornton’s (subject to approval). In addition, there is speculation that a number of national governments are contemplating introducing a “Sugar Tax” to alleviate the increasing incidence of obesity and other chronic diseases linked to high intake of sugar- based products. This, in turn, raises concerns about Corporate Social Responsibility, which some clients/investors take seriously. Your Team Leader has tasked each Syndicate Group to carry out an analysis of the Chocolate Confectionery Industry and some of the key players in the industry so that the clients can make informed choices on any investment opportunities. Y our brief is to pr oduce a busine ss report with the follo wing terms of refere nce:
It is your responsibility to do the necessary research in order to answer your assignment brief, given below. So this will require you to do appropriate secondary research to underpin your report. There is no requirement or expectation that you undertake primary research in order to complete this assignment.

• Business Report style including: Executive Summary; Table of contents; List of tables/figures; type 12 font
(Gill Sans MT); 1.5 spacing.

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Industry Research: Hershey’s
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This order is not for a full report but just 4 parts as following topics;

– Industry Structure Analysis
– Current competitive strategies
– Value proposition
– Strategic capabilities or distinctive core competencies leading to sustainable competitive advantage