Industry Areas in Hospitality

In this research paper, you will summarize 2 articles about 1 industry area of hospitality. You will also pick a company, based on that area, review their website, and define how your summaries can help them.

Industry Areas in Hospitality

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Industry Areas in Hospitality
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Hotels (Chapters 2-4)

Restaurants (Chapters 6-7)

Tourism (Chapter 9)

Theme Parks & Attractions (Chapter 10)

Gaming (Chapter 11)

Special Events (Chapter 13)


Here is how the paper will function (4-5 pages total):


  1. Find 2 articles from the library (online) about the industry you chose
  2. Write an introduction to your paper, what will you be discussing in the paper; also include a summary of the company you picked. (1/2 page; 2 paragraphs)
  3. Summarize article 1 (1 page)
  4. Summarize article 2 (1 page)
  5. Conclusion: What are 4 key ideas that can be used to make the company you chose better? (1 page)
  6. Bibliography: All websites and articles referenced to be cited in APA format




Library QuickFind: (to find an article online through U of R library; can search by keyword or idea)




How to cite a website in APA:

Workplace Bullying Institute (2010). 2007 United States Workplace Bullying Survey. Retrieved from


How to cite an article in APA:

Zinn, J. O. (2008). Heading into the unknown: Everyday strategies for managing risk and uncertainty. Health, Risk & Society, 10(5), 439-450.


When there is more than one author:

  • 2 authors: Shin and Kang (2010)
  • 3 to 5 authors: Oyam, Vallero and Cayabyab (2009)
  • 6 or more authors: Cochran et al. (2006)

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