Individual Quality Management Improvement

Individual Quality Management Improvement Power-Point Project (30%):

Students will study research features, processes, and current trends in Quality Management in healthcare (or any other industry).  Quality Improvement Project POWER-POINT should be a minimum of 10-12 SLIDES (This does not include Cover or Reference pages!) using the APA format. PLEASE REFER TO THE “THREE-LEGGED” STOOL HANDOUT LOCATED IN THE “CONTENT” AREA UNDER THE COURSE SYLLABUS FOR DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT (PLEASE ONLY REVIEW THE FIRST PAGE AND IGNORE THE REMAINING TWO PAGES!).  Please cite all information sources! In the Quality Improvement Project, the student will discuss the quality management strategies that are being used in a particular company/organization to achieve the competitive advantage.  The final quality improvement project power-point is to focus on the main theme of the course, which is how to use quality management strategies and techniques to improve an organization’s competitive position compared to other firms in its industry.

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Remember that we are using real problems that are happening today in different industries, but we are not using strategies and techniques that are already being done!  Use your imagination! Be creative! Be innovative!  Tell me something new that no one else has thought of!

  1. Students will choose a company in healthcare (or any other industry) with a quality management problem/issue (and yes, every company has a quality management issue!).
  2. Students will then choose a ‘Strategy’ from the “Three-Legged Stool” of Quality Management (Customer Service, Teamwork, and/or Continuous Improvement). Students will only have to choose one strategy, but you may find that the problem you have chosen from that company may have to do with two or even all three strategies/legs on stool.  
  3. Students will choose techniques (bullets on the handout) that goes with the strategy/leg on stool (Customer Service, Teamwork, and/or Continuous Improvement) and research how these techniques will solve the problem. The student will choose a minimum of two of the techniques (bullets) under the strategy/leg they have chosen but remember you can have more than two that goes with that strategy.

Now here is an example of the format and I will use Walmart as my example (This is pretend and does not mean I do not like Walmart!):

Oh yeah, Cover and Reference Slides are mandatory…just like they are mandatory in a paper!  According to APA format they are mandatory in a Power-Point.


COVER SLIDE (APA FORMAT CALLS FOR THREE LINES ONLY ON A COVER PAGE!  1. Your Title of Assignment 2. Your Name 3. The School You Attend)


PROBLEM: Long lines of customers needing to check out.

ISSUE: Frustrated Customers


Problem Statement:  Walmart has a problem with long lines and frustrated customers.

(Instructor’s hint!  Do not tell me nothing negative or positive yet about Walmart.  Why? Because we do not know if it’s true or not.  That is why you are going to prove it later in the PPT.  If you tell the readers now, what will you talk about later? Right now, all you are doing here is putting your problem and issue into a sentence. Easy right? I know it is easy, but I still had to say it)


From the “Three-Legged Stool,” since my problem and issue has to do with the customers, then it only makes sense for me to choose the CUSTOMER SERVICE STRATEGY LEG.


Techniques I will choose to discuss are regarding to the CUSTOMER SERVICE STRATEGY relating to my problem of long lines at check out and the issue of frustrated customers at Walmart:

My techniques are Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention.

(Don’t forget to tell me why!)

“I have chosen these techniques because I believe it will be beneficial for the frustration in the customers to cease AND for customers to continue to stay and purchase items at Walmart.  In the world of business, no matter how cheap a product is if customer service is poor, customers satisfaction will decrease, and customers will chose to spend their money elsewhere.”

  1. HEADING- DISCUSSION SLIDE(S): Discuss are ideas related to your research (readings) on how this will help Walmart’s problem and issue.  On these slides you are just throwing out ideas (Ex. Hire more people? Add more cash registers? Self-check-out? Order your groceries and have customers pick them up? Deliver groceries to the customer?).  As you see, Walmart has already addressed this quality management problem and issue! Instructor’s hint: Remember that we are using real problems that are happening today at real companies in different industries, but we are not using strategies and techniques that are already being done!  Use your imagination! Be creative! Be innovative!  Tell me something new that no one else has thought of!
  2. HEADING: RECOMMENDATION SLIDE(S):  On this slide (or two) you will make your choice on which idea will work the best for your technique in solving your problem and issue with Walmart (and yes, it can be more than one technique that works). THIS IS THE SLIDE THAT SOLVES YOUR VERY FIRST SLIDE OF THE PROBLEM AND ISSUE AT WALMART.

Don’t forget to tell me why this will work! This is necessary because you are PROVING THROUGH THE RESEARCH (your textbook) THAT THIS WILL WORK! Don’t forget to CITE!!!

Example: I recommend that Walmart focuses on solving their problem and issue with the following:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Walmart can decrease the frustration by…. (Instructor’s hint! This is all in your textbook and cite it!)
  2. Customer Retention: Walmart can keep customers coming back by offering rewards, incentives, etc… (Instructor’s hint! This is all in your textbook and cite it!).
  3. HEADING: FINAL REMARKS- On this slide, you are just starting your final review of your research.  Keep it simple!

Tell me what your final thoughts and how you feel this strategy for the company you chosen will benefit the company in the future.


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