individual portfolio comprises reflections based on my personal development while working on the group project

individual portfolio comprises reflections based on my personal development while working on the group project
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Reflection allows you to explore your experiences and make sense of them in relation to academic theory. Taking a reflective approach to your studies will encourage personal and professional development using techniques that can be adopted throughout your working life.
The individual portfolio is a personal document and you should develop an approach to support your learning. There is no prescribed format; you should develop a style which helps you analyse your performance and identify areas for future development. You may wish to reflect on a weekly basis, tasks involved in the project or stages of development.
You should then reflect on your activities throughout the time working on your projects. The reflections should consider the 10 key skills on page 7 of this handbook and how these have been utilised and developed. You can choose the model of reflection and the format you write it in. Under learning resources there is a folder on reflection containing a variety of materials. Choose a model that supports your style of reflection such as Kolb or Gibbs. On the Unilearn site under Learning Resources there is a folder entitled Reflective Writing containing relevant material.
The individual portfolio will incorporate your individual reflections on the group project in term 2. How you organise this is at your discretion, as discussed above the key is to develop a style which supports your learning. Where appropriate you should make links to your learning in other modules. You should also reference theory within your work to relate your learning to academic practice. Theory may include models of reflection, learning, group work and skills. Reading material is provided on the reading list and in the weekly resources.
* you should use Gibbs cycle while you write the reflection
* make sure to read the group course work which was written by you before few days so you will know more about the project that we have done
*we chose the project then we make a presentation about what we have done then we have done showcase with poster which was done by me and we discuss the poster with out tutor and talk with them about what we have learn from that project
i was the leader for the group
i create an whattsapp group to keep contact each other and discuss issue about our project
*please read the attachment before you start writing the reflection which it clarify the structure for this reflection which they will use it while marking this reflection

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