Indian Adolescent Girls with regard to Gender Discrimination

3. Researchers are interested in personal experiences of Indian adolescent girls with regard to gender discrimination and how they feel about the discrimination (Sarkar, 2003). All of the participants used in this study are female. Participants are interviewed with a set of semi-structured, open ended questions in an individual setting and in focus groups.


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Indian Adolescent Girls with regard to Gender Discrimination
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Reference: Sarkar, S. (2003). Gender as a cultural factor influencing mental health among adolescent students in india and sri lanka: A cross-cultural study (Order No. 3085121) [Doctoral dissertation, University at Albany, State University of New York]. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (305245729).

a) What is the qualitative research method employed in this study?

(Highlight the correct answer)


A. Observational

B. Correlational

C. Experimental

D. Phenomenological

E. Case Study



If a quantitative study,

b) What are the independent and dependent variables in this study?



c) What is the hypothesis for this study?




If a qualitative study,

d) What is the concept or phenomenon of interest being explored?