Income and density patterns

Homework 3
Real Estate 103-  Fall 2015

Income and density patterns

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Income and density patterns
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1. Go to  Click on “get data” for the decennial census.

2.  Click on “Geographies” and from the pull-down menus, click “Census Tract”, and then the appropriate state and county. (San luis  Obispo county) Then ask for “All census tracts”.  Add to your selections.

3.  Close out the “Select Geographies” window, and in the search box type “income”.  Find the row “Median Household Income (1999)” and select it.

4.  Click “Make a map”, and then click on a value in the “Total Row”.  Let the magic happen.

5.  Adjust the map to provide the appropriate amount of “closeup”;  also maximize the number of categories and use quantiles as the category type.  Make it look interesting.

6.  Do the same with Median Gross Rent.  That is, type rent into the search box and find that quantity.  Follow the same instructions.

For each map, answer the question: Does the city conform to the theory described in class   Do the  patterns observed for rent and income near to and far from the central business district, correspond to the patterns expected