Improving Attendance on a Health Unit

Imagine you are a supervisor on a health unit that is experiencing unprecedented absenteeism during a pandemic. Create a detailed proposal for senior leadership’s review that will address this problem. Your proposal should be presented as a formal business plan and must cover the following:

· a thorough description of the problem, including likely contributing factors

· a detailed plan that includes strategies to manage employees, goals, a plan to measure the success of the plan, and a timeline for improvement

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Improving Attendance on a Health Unit
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· who you would engage to help you solve the problem of absenteeism as well as any other departments, if any, that should be included

· solid reasoning and justification for the plan you have created

· connection between the use of delegation and a properly functioning and efficient health unit

· exploration of the importance of motivation and the supervisor’s role in creating a culture of self-motivation

· overarching challenges encountered in leadership, such as managing difficult employees

· strategies to manage difficult employees

· a plan to collaborate with human resources