Improvements in Health Information- Technology (Interoperability)

Improvements in Health Information- Technology (Interoperability)

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Improvements in Health Information- Technology (Interoperability)
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Audience:  HIM Directors and Managers

Purpose:  To Enlighten the audience on changes in Health information that may improve the systems used which could help management manage employee better.

Method of presentation:  PowerPoint presentation

Objectives: At the conclusion of this presentation, the participant will be able to:  Will be informed and up to date on all changes happening in the healthcare system pertaining to health information

Outline:  Title


A.      The Legacy and the Beginning of HIMs Journey

B.      Validating the Opportunity for Transformation

Eight Stages of Successful Large-Scale Change

A.      Foundation for the program

1.       Urgency

2.       Guiding Team

B.      A framework for  Leading Change

1.       Change Management

A.      Charting the Course

1.                   Ensure that corporate HIM teams were ready to transform

2.       Using an Iterative process

Milestones and Continued Journey

A.      Strategic Vision

1.                   Ethics and honesty

3.       Meet highest standards


A.      Improvements in Health Information

B.      Summarize three main points

C.      Revisit introduction or tie all ideas together


References: Not completed as of yet

Handouts: Unknown

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