Importance of Purchasing Tea in Country of Origin.

Importance of Purchasing Tea in Country of Origin

interview three people who drink oolong tea for all the question below:

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Importance of Purchasing Tea in Country of Origin.
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  •   How important is the country of origin important in purchasing tea? Why?
  • If you were presented with high quality premium oolong tea, what do you think makes it premium?
  • This tea can only be harvested in limited quantity at the highest mountain in Taiwan. The high altitude makes it naturally insect-free, unlike many other teas that claims to be organic. (Most government permits the labeling of organic as long it is 80% organic. Will $50 price tag reasonable for such a product.


  • When selecting Oolong tea, what comes to mind that is important for you?
  • What is your biggest concern or fear when selecting premium teas?
  • What would make you trust an oolong tea brand?
  • When it comes to taste, what do you prefer in your tea selection?
  • Oolong is renowned for its many micronutrient and antioxidants benefits, Do you think Oolong has personally made you feel healthier? In what areas, and how so?
  • What makes you be a loyal customer to a particular oolong brand?
  • How comfortable are you purchasing a premium tea? In-stores? Online? Why?

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