Importance of Permits, Accreditation, Licenses and Approvals

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Research and understand the importance of permits, accreditation, licenses and approvals for building your healthcare facility. Write at least one paragraph in response to each question here, and list the sources you used to find information in standard format at the end. Start a new Word document for your answers and follow the writing level.

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Importance of Permits, Accreditation, Licenses and Approvals
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  1. Review your state requirements, as they regard to your chosen healthcare facility, and list at least 3 requirements needed.
  2. What types of approvals would you need during the process of this healthcare facility, and why are they important to your success.
  3. What happens if you do not achieve a permit/registration or accreditation for your healthcare facility?
  4. Do you have to have state permits if you have a federal accreditation? Explain your answer in completely.
  5. Do you think there are benefits to making accreditation site visit un-announced or planned visits? Why?

When listing your resources, do not just cut and paste the URL of the resource that you have used; write them in standard citation format.

Points Possible: 25

4 points for response to each question (20 points)

5 points for writing mechanics – LEVEL 2

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