Implying Doctoral-Level Competence

Counselors clearly state their highest earned degree in counseling or a closely related field. Counselors do not imply doctoral-level competence when pos- sessing a master’s degree in counseling or a related field by referring to them-

selves as “Dr.” in a counseling context when their doctorate is not in counsel- ing or a related field. Counselors do not use “ABD” (all but dissertation) or other such terms to imply competency.

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Implying Doctoral-Level Competence
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Accreditation Status Counselors accurately represent the accreditation status of their degree pro- gram and college/university.

Professional Membership Counselors clearly differentiate between current, active memberships and former memberships in associations. Members of ACA must clearly differentiate be- tween professional membership, which implies the possession of at least a mas- ter’s degree in counseling, and regular membership, which is open to indi- viduals whose interests and activities are consistent with those of ACA but are not qualified for professional membership.