Identifying Statistical Tests in the Literature

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Research articles are reviewed in many instances in life. You may review an article to serve as a reference for an academic paper, or you may review an article to simply gain additional information on a particular subject. It is important to understand the meaning of the statistical analysis presented in these articles. This exercise allows you to gain experience searching through the literature of published research.


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Identifying Statistical Tests in the Literature
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Using what you’ve learned from the weekly readings, search for research that has utilized analytical tools mentioned in the readings (i.e., single-sample z test, t tests) and identify why that analysis was appropriate for the data. Do not use meta-analyses for your articles. You need empirical, experimental designs that have run actual statistical tests and are not reviewing a bunch of articles for a meta-analysis.


Include the proper citations and references for your articles and format these in proper APA 6th edition style.



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