Applying for the scholarship

I am an RN. I am applying for the scholarship. It requires the essay. The essay doesn’t need any sources or references.

Please describe below how you have contributed to the delivery of patient-centered care at this hospital. In addition, describe your specific career goal and how they support the mission of this hospital. Please limit your response to no more than two typewritten pages.

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Applying for the scholarship
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mission statement for the hospital is healing humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time.
My career goal is to be a chief nursing offer one day.
I have contributed to the delivery of patent-centered care by providing the best care with compassion.
1. Treating my patients as my own family members
2. Actively listening their needs
3. Providing emotional support
4. Supporting patient’s family needs
5. Providing the evidence based care

Oh. I am an ICU RN.