Hysterical Strength


QD1 Erich

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Hysterical Strength
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  1. When the mother arrives to the ER, she is perplexed at how she was able to move the seat. She tells you she can barely lift 50 lb at home. She asks you how it was possible for her to move such a tremendous amount. How would you respond?

In regards to the case presented, I would explain to the mother that she was able to move that amount of weight could be due to pure adrenaline rush in the moment (Cafasso, 2018). It also could be to a concept called hysterical strength. It could also be seen that the mother is stronger than she believes herself to be.


  1. The woman asks you how to further explain to her “how all levels of the brain work together to perform such a complex movement”?

In regards to the case presented, I would explain that the amygdala reacted as that is where adrenaline is formed. The amygdala is also the area of the brain that associates fear. Adrenaline is a stress hormone that is also known as epinephrine, that can provide extra strength or energy (Norris, 2019). This is a way our brain and body can work together through fear or panic. This can also take place in a flight or fight response. our brains are able to respond quickly in times of despair (Cafasso,2018).