By deliberately and inventively upsetting the techno status quo in this manner, analysts can better understand and expose the many forms of discrimination embedded in and enabled by technology. And the process of refashioning the relationship between race and technology may entail actual fashion. Hyphen-Labs, an international team of women of color who work at the intersection of technology, art, science, and futurism, experiments with a wide array of subversive designs – including earrings for recording police altercations, and visors and other clothing that prevent facial recognition.92 This work, as I see it, recasts what counts as technoscience and whom we think of as innovators.

If we take all its elements together, an emancipatory approach to technology entails an appreciation for the aesthetic dimensions of resisting the New Jim Code and a commitment to coupling our critique with creative alternatives that bring to life liberating and joyful ways of living in and organizing our world.

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