Hypertension and Diabetes

Prepare a power point presentation to an African community church on how hypertension and diabetes is affecting the African population in the United States. Highlight on; definition, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, complications, and prevention. Any additional statistics can also be added. Prenstation should have questions and reference slide included.


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Hypertension and Diabetes
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1- Briefly explain the neurobiological basis of PTSD disease.

2- Briefly why CBT in PTSD is considered a “gold standard” treatment.

3- Briefly Why it is important for psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioners to use evidence-based treatments and gold standards from clinical practice guidelines.

Most of the services/support provided for human trafficking (HT) victim come after they have been trafficked and can be considered as secondary interventions. Review some of the possible risk factors associated with becoming an HT victim, and discuss some possible primary interventions that could service to help prevent or reduce HT.