Husbands and Wives

Husbands and wives, Part I. The Great Britain Office of Population Census and Surveys once collected data on a random sample of 170 married couples in Britain, recording the age (in years) and heights (converted here to inches) of the husbands and wives.5 The scatterplot on the left shows the wife’s age plotted against her husband’s age, and the plot on the right shows wife’s height plotted against husband’s height.

Husband’s age (in years)

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W ife’s age (in years)

20 40 60




Husband’s height (in inches)

Wife’s height ( in inches )

60 65 70 75 55




(a) Describe the relationship between husbands’ and wives’ ages.

(b) Describe the relationship between husbands’ and wives’ heights.

(c) Which plot shows a stronger correlation? Explain your reasoning.

(d) Data on heights were originally collected in centimeters, and then converted to inches. Does this con- version affect the correlation between husbands’ and wives’ heights?

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