Human Trafficking

This research project is about social changes. The social change topic  is Human Trafficking. The organization that works to prevent Human Trafficking is called STOP THE TRAFFIK.

  1. Describe the social issue in general, and the narrow aspect you would like to focus. The description should include (1) a brief history of the issue, (2) its current situation, and (3) a paragraph of your intervention.


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Human Trafficking
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The description of social issue is different from the description of an organization. This part is the description of a social phenomenon, not about a specific organization.

  1. Describe an organization that is related to the social issue.


(1) Immerse yourself first before you start writing anything down.


(2) Observation: What are the missions, routine activities, special activities, media exposure, etc.?


(3) Evaluation: How can the organization contribute to the social issue you are studying in question 1?


  1. Analyze this organization’s website  by applying Sanford’s concepts in chapters 6-8. You can choose the following aspects to do your analysis: the feasibility of goal setting, the rhetoric of the website language, or the leadership expression in the website.

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