Human Security

Human security integrates the three international affairs silos and in doing so would never advocate for abandoning measures that curb organized crime. Combatting organized crime is an important piece of the complexities required to eliminating human trafficking. The problem with the traditional security approach is overemphasis on targeting organized crime. This leads to the prioritization of high profile crackdowns against major trafficking networks, which is time consuming and expensive.


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Human Security
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Law enforcement is pressured to prosecute cases successfully, which can result in cherry-picking cases that are easier to prosecute. Additionally, it diverts attention and funds away from prevention strategies and policies that aim to reduce the demand and the supply of vulnerable people to be trafficked. It ignores other actors who facilitate trafficking or are traffickers, such as: family members, friends, family farms, domestic and international com panies (in agriculture, construction, textiles, etc.), restaurants and hotels, employment recruitment agencies, UN peacekeepers and military person nel, law enforcement and/or border control officers, individual pimp/madam traffickers, and families who have a private domestic servant or slave maid.