Human Rights Watch

A researcher at the Human Rights Watch explained:

As the law was being passed, people who knew the intricacies of the Bidoon issue were saying, “This law has nothing to do with terrorism and criminal activity, but it has more to do with the state at a moment when oil prices are down and the state has to suddenly talk about taxing its own citizens and cutting all sorts of benefits. This might actually be an attempt to significantly cut the benefits to this community.”

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Human Rights Watch
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The likelihood that the law would have been applied in this manner is supported by a number of government statements. As one official explained, the DNA database would “aid in the verification of Kuwaiti citizens”;94 another said that the data would help “arrest forgers and others who falsely claim their lineage.”95 The United Nations Human Rights Commission, among other organizations, is concerned that copycat laws in other countries will soon follow, especially as xenophobia is on the rise throughout the world.

Nothing short of a collective and sustained effort that, like the aforementioned Polaroid Revolutionary Workers’ Movement, draws together those who work inside and outside powerful institutions can begin to counter the many violent exposures underway.