Human rights

To what extent does religion affect human rights?  If so, is shaming and condemning some acts of the religion a breach of human rights?  ( you can word this better)


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Human rights
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This dissertation can arrive latest ………. Please take your time in ensuring its perfect as I need to aim high for this one.  Can the front page contain an image with citation and the title of the essay. Followed by a page with a table of contents, abstract , acronyms table if used any,  then to start of with the introduction. Use images and cite them please and don’t forget the bibliography.  Minimum word count should be 9400 with maximum being 10,000.


You can explore different religions and how they are portrayed within the media , and whether or not they affect human rights. Its also important to notice that not every culture is the same as one may feel liberated when covered up and the other may feel liberated while dressed less. So if we shame the religion are we indirectly seeing one culture as superior and not regarding the rights of the other ?

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