Human Resources Management in Global Environment

The questions will cover the following chapters and sub-chapters:

Chapter 5: Phases of cultural adjustment (Slide 8) & factors in expatriate selection (Slide 9)

Chapter 6: The cross-cultural training model (Slide 6)

Chapter 7: Issues when considering benefits (Slide 4 and Slide 12)

Chapter 9: HRM roles with offshoring (Slide 13)

Chapter 10: Key issues in international industrial relations (Slide 6)

Below are the elements that can be used in examining all the factors required to be explained according to the final exam question?

1. WHAT – asking for information specifying something; the factor to be discussed and relate it to the exam question

2. WHY – for what reason or purpose; the importance of the factor and relate it to the exam question

3. HOW – in what way or manner; by what means; how the factor can be implemented and relate it to the exam