Human Growth And Development

Assignment 4.1: Peer Influence

Step 1: Research the social and emotional development of an Adolescent.

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Human Growth And Development
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Step 2: In a one page pager, explain how peer influences change during adolescence

· Discuss Piaget’s formal operational stage of development and how it may impact the thoughts and choices in adolescence.

· Discuss the shift of reliance on peers

· Discuss the shift from reliance on parents

· Are there dangers? Explain your answer

· Are there consequences? Explain your answer

· Are there advantages? Explain your answer

Assignment 5.1: Midlife Transitions

Step 1: Research midlife transitions

In a two page paper write about the following:

· Discuss the different types of intelligence, and why this stage in development falls into Erik Erikson’s period of generativity versus stagnation.

· Compare and contrast generativity and stagnation in midlife transitions.

· Discuss the importance of health and lifestyle during the middle adulthood years.

· Explain how relationships with both parents and children transition during Middle Adulthood.

Include 3-5 references to support your research

Assignment 6.1: Euthanasia

Step 1: Read about Death and Dying

The death often reflect about spiritual beliefs, the importance of spirituality, and how it influences their view of death.

Step 2: In a two page paper:

· Define Euthanasia.

· Discuss the two types of euthanasia.

· Discuss whether or not you believe that euthanasia is acceptable in some situations

· How do you feel about other forms of assisted suicide?

· Support your opinions with 3-5 references.

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