Human Factors Analysis.

Human Factors Analysis

1) What is a human factors analysis, and why is it necessary to conduct one at different stages throughout the system design process? (250 words)

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Human Factors Analysis.
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Waste Water and Solid Waste Management

2)  In chapter 7 the author goes into the wastewater process very deeply. Please describe your understanding of the entire process and the way you think the process will be changed in the future.

W6: Crisis Communications: Human and Cultural

3)a. The Yuan-Kimberly crisis began online and was fought online. If parents in the United States objected on blogs to a similar problem, what could crisis communicators do to assure the safety of babies is not compromised? What methods of communications would be most effective? What would be key messages? Any special events or special promotions? If the issue originated on blogs, would you limit the campaign to online communication, or would you also seek the news media? If the complaints were limited to one city, would you respond only in that city?

b. What does the spokesman mean when he said, in his conclusion, “Approach with a human face is the basic part of crisis communication?”

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