Hui Liu: The Chinese mathematician

Write an essay on the Chinese mathematician Hui Liu. Please read the directions attached to this post! minimum 1000 words, with at least five references.
Here are the recommended references:

Liu Hui and the First Golden Age of Chinese Mathematics by Philip D. Straffin Jr.

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Hui Liu: The Chinese mathematician
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The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art by Shen Kangshen, John N. Crossley and Anthony W. -C. Lun

Learning from Liu Hui? A Different Way to Do Mathematics by Christopher Cullen

An early Chinese derivation of the volume of a pyramid: Liu Hui, third century A. D. by Donald Blackmore Wagner

a Chinese mathematical classic of the third century: The sea island mathematical manual of Liu Hui by Ang Tian Se, Frank J. Swetz

Geometrical Figures and Generality in Ancient China and Beyond: Liu Hui and Zhao Shuang, Plato and Thabit ibn Qurra by Karine Chemla

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