How to Look Rich Without Being Rich (for Teens)

Buy well-made clothes, preferably without a recognizable label. You want people to wonder how you found such a wonderful piece. Look at outlet stores and TJ Maxx for deals on normally expensive clothes. Try to focus more on quality rather than quantity. Pay close attention to fit and fabric. Buy only quality items and avoid anything with logos or you’ll look

like you are trying to come off as rich. Accessorize. Buy jewelry that looks like silver or gold. You can find inexpensive but rich looking jewelry many places. Never buy plastic accessories ( but polished wood is acceptable ). Just remember: gold and silver together is tacky unless you blend well; wear gobs of gold and silver necklaces together at the same time.

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How to Look Rich Without Being Rich (for Teens)
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Buying one pair of shoes to go with your wardrobe is impossible. Ballet flats are very classy looking, without costing too much.Or You could try a classic pair of black heels which is a symbol of elegance. You should try and be very diverse with your shoe wardrobe so things don’t get to boring.