How the Social Covenant Relates to Policing Competence

If we are to recruit for police service, and if the characteristics we look for are compassion, charisma, and confidence, to mention only a few, and if we are to select these recruits from the current pool of applicants or potential applicants, to what extent can we expect to find suitable applicants who have such traits?

How do we test for those traits? Can the desired traits be taught? What level of competence in those traits is acceptable? Competence is not akin to any of the traits of compassion, charisma, and confidence. Competence is

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 How the Social Covenant Relates to Policing Competence
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the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Competence suggests that a person is consciously fulfilling an obligation to meet a demand. In reality, we want recruits who have a good heart and a natural willingness to mix with and to help others positively. In other words, compassion, charisma, and confidence are natural parts of their being because they learned from the influences in their life, both good and bad, and properly put them into perspective, thus naturally strengthening their core values. They did this without thinking, and not because society demands it; they did this because they have learned and they know in their heart-of-hearts that it is the right thing to do. When compassion, charisma, and confidence are a natural part of their being, it settles their spirit, there is no inner conflict about what is right or what is wrong. They have a superior conscience that helps them, rather than torments them.