“How Healthy Your Community Is” 

· Go to https://www.countyhealthrankings.org/explore-health-rankings

· Enter the County you live in to explore “how healthy your community is”

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“How Healthy Your Community Is” 
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· Using the information from your County Health Rankings (CHR) community search, pick two of the reported measures to explore further (ex: a “quality of life measure” and a “Health Behavior measure”)



· Provide the following answers  (a-d) based on what you find:

a. What is the data source that CHR used to inform that “measure?

b. Briefly mention how often is this data collected and what method they use to collect this data.

c. In three to four sentences, talk about how you could use this data source to inform your needs assessment research? (hint: Review Part 1 of your Needs Assessment Project)

d. Briefly define what a needs assessment is and why it is important in program planning?

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