How Has Technology Influenced The Act of Stalking?

How has technology influenced the act of stalking? What are some preventive measures individuals can take to avoid cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment?



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How Has Technology Influenced The Act of Stalking?
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  1. Address the topic in the form of an essay. For maximum points, include all of the required elements:
    1. APA format and style applied consistently throughout the essay.
    2. LENGTH= 1,000 TO 1,500 WORDS!!!!, not including abstract, cover page, and reference page.
    3. Essay provides clearly communicated, fully developed statements about how technology has influenced the act of stalking.
    4. More than 2 examples are cited to support statements.
    5. Cites, discusses, and paraphrases more than 2 examples of laws and policies implemented to protect victims of stalking.
    6. Provides a comprehensive description of preventive measures regarding sexual abuse, cyber-stalking, and cyber-harassment, including measures that can be implemented by individuals, and law-enforcement training methods.

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