Element 2 – This is 70% of the grade for this unit

4000 Word Dissertation – due at the end of Term 3
A 4000-word dissertation which proves or disproves the students’
hypothesis. Through the essay the students must evaluate the evidence of
primary and secondary research, critical analysis of texts, coherent
argumentation and correct citation using Harvard conventions of referencing.
o The dissertation project should provide evidence of your primary and
secondary research methods, critical analysis of the literature and of the
results of your research.
o It must be logically structured, clearly written and provide a coherent
o It should include relevant images to support your discussion and illustrate
key points you are making.
o You must reference accurately all sources of information (including images)
that you use with Harvard Referencing style throughout.
o The format should be A4 word or pdf.
o Care should be taken to present the information in a professional manner,
considering layout etc.
o Cover page – A cover that reflects appropriately the research to be conducted
– you can use an image/images/a digital image of your own artwork. It must
provide your name; student number; unit title: Research Theory and Practice;
Element 2: Dissertation; title of your research.
o Table of Contents – this must make the proposal easy for the reader to
navigate. Make sure that all pages are numbered and accurately referenced
in the table of contents.
o Introduction – This should provide a background and a rationale for the
research. Approximately: 700 words
o Aim and Objectives – One aim (what you hope to prove/demonstrate/
interrogate/etc); 3-5 objectives (the points you need to reach to achieve the
o Literature Review – Show that you have begun to read around the subject
area. The literature should be contextualise your topic, be critically analysed
and must support the achievement of aim and objectives. Approximately: 1100
o Methodology – Show how you are going to achieve the objectives you have
set out. This should focus on primary research. Approximately: 500 words.
o Results and Discussion – This should present and discuss the results of
your primary research in relation to your research aim and objectives. What
does it mean? What are the implications for what you are trying to prove/
demonstrate/etc.? Approximately: 1000
o Conclusion/Summary – This should summarise the key finding of the
research, re-stating some important points and present what it means to your
topic, research aim and objectives.. Approximately: 700 words

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