How does the logo symbol reflect the brand?

In this milestone, you will submit to the Milestone Two discussion topic your final logo for your client design using Illustrator. In Milestone One, you explored typeface choices appropriate for the brand identity and applied an appropriate font design to the brand name, while providing logos with a visual style appropriate for the brand identity. You also ensured that the logo will be scalable for various media and formats.

At this stage, you will further refine one of your rough draft designs, incorporating instructor feedback from Milestone One and thinking about typeface, font, visual style, and scalability. Or, if you are satisfied with your design, you can choose one of your rough drafts as is to work with from this point forward. Regardless, all design work must now be done using ILLUSTRATOR.

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How does the logo symbol reflect the brand?
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You will present your logo in black and white, and you will also demonstrate three different color palette ideas for your client’s final logo in RGB and CMYK format. Utilize color theory to create a color scheme for your logo that is appropriate for the client. Provide RGB and CMYK color values for each color palette option.

Again, in this milestone, you will place your designs on a template for presentation as you have done in prior tasks (see Presentation Template Video Tutorial, transcript here). Then, save as a PDF file and upload your final logo design by midnight on Thursday of this week for your classmates and your instructor to review. Also, in your discussion post, tell us how the logo design fulfills the client’s needs. What is your rationale for the font and color choice? How does the logo symbol reflect the brand? Using the provided Design Critique Guidelines, critique two of your classmates’ submissions. Give suggestions for improvements as well as comments on what they did well.

For additional help with this assignment, in addition to the Atomic Learning video tutorials assigned thus far in the course, the following Atomic Learning video tutorials will help you complete Milestone Two where you will be required to create your own color swatches. Fills and strokes Setting stroke options Swatch Mixing and saving custom colors A video tutorial (transcript here) and an example have been provided to help you complete this milestone. To complete this assignment, review the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document.

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