How and why terrorism effects tourist destination choices

The chosen topic will focus on the effects of terrorism
on tourist destination choices as it is one of the most
important issues in the tourism industry and at the
same time one of the least discussed. This study
considers the impact that terrorism has on an
individual’s intention to travel to certain destinations,
whilst studying the level of terror at two specific
destinations, Paris and London, and if an individual’s
level of fear influences their decision.

  1. Why terrorism occurs in the first place
  2. How terrorism effects tourist destination choices
  3. What is currently being done to prevent terrorism
    in tourism
  4. what more can be done
    As people travel more and more every year it is
    important such studies exist in
    analyses of the cause and to provide possible
    solutions in relation to it.
    Background Reading books
    The books selected for this topic are :
  5. Safety and security in Tourism
  6. Managing the tourist destination
  7. Terrorism and the Economy: Impact on the Capital
    Market and the
    Global Tourism Industry.
    Research Methods
    To research topic by looking in to the history of
    terrorism and modern causes of it today. Main
    methods to be employed will include Qualitative
    research and The methods of collecting qualitative
    data are:
    • Focus Group
    • Observation
    • Interviews
    • Archival Materials like newspapers.
    Sampling method , Limitation and constraints,
    Statistics, and analysis. This combined data will allow
    to demonstrate the importance of the topic and
    provide enough material to assemble a thorough
    possible Bibliography
    Hall, C., Timothy, D. and Duval, D. (2012). Safety and
    Security in Tourism. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis.
    Karma, K. (2005). Managing the tourist destination.
    New Delhi: Kanishka Publishers.
    Morgan, M. and Heckman, J. (2009). The impact of
    9/11 on business and economics: the business of
    terror. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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How and why terrorism effects tourist destination choices
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