Hospital’s Quality Requirements

1. In what year did The Joint Commission release standards surrounding a hospital’s quality requirements?


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Hospital’s Quality Requirements
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2. By 2025, the need for mid-level providers will increase by what percentage?





3. What was included in the pressures that managed care brought to hospitals and physicians?

Increase hospital length of stay

Increase the use of most ancillary services

Meet more medical needs on an inpatient basis

Reduce hospital length of stay

4. What was considered the most important health care legislation since Medicare?

Balanced Budget Act of 1997

The American Health Care Act

Health Maintenance Act of 1973

Health Care Improvement Act of 2021

Part 2 ( Fill in the Blank )

5). In 2019, 31% of all health care-related costs were attributed to __________.

6) Alexander Fleming __________ discovered penicillin.

7) Historically, the __________ was at the center of all health care decisions.

8 ). In present-day health care, there is a trend of __________ number of available hospital beds, while the number of admissions is __________